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Our owner, Roz, had always admired to beauty of Castle Pines Village. As a realtor, she visited the area often, and hoped to call the Village home one day. She and her husband, Randy, happily made the move to Castle Pines Village in 1999.
As she celebrated weddings and other special occasions with friends and family, she wondered why more of these celebrations weren’t held on the South side of Metro Denver. That one little question was the spark that Roz needed for her dream to begin to take shape.
She began to dream of building a venue where life’s special moments could be celebrated. One day while driving home on Happy Canyon, it occurred to her that the best place to build a venue was right in her own back yard. Castle Pines Village is an exceptionally beautiful area. She wanted everyone to be able to feel what the residents who live here feel- that Castle Pines Village is a very special place.
As Roz and Randy began pursuing this dream, they thought that the best way to help families celebrate was with family! They knew they wanted a family business, with their kids involved.
Stacy (Roz’s step-daughter) and Todd (Roz’s son) have been involved in every aspect of Cielo since its conception. They are now co-owners. Julie (their older son’s wife) has also become an indispensable part of the family team. Even the grandkids like to pitch in!
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What does Cielo mean?” The word “Cielo” can be found in both the Italian and Spanish languages. It translates to mean “heaven” or “sky”. Roz had found this inspiration during a trip to one of her favorite vacation spots. Since Cielo was fast becoming our little piece of heaven, we all thought it was a perfect name.

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