Planning Checklist For Your Baby Shower Event

Planning Checklist For Your Baby Shower Event

90 Days Before Baby Shower

60 Days Before Baby Shower

  • Design the Baby Shower invitations. Remember to include any baby registry information and ask for an RSVP! consider using Canva
  • Send out invitations to all the guests using email or print them out and send to everyone address
  • Come up with games then make a list of supplies you’ll need get

One Month Before Baby Shower :

  • Open your RSVP’s and then get in email or call those who haven’t responded
  • Plan your food menu. Are you serving it your self or are you going to hire a caterer
  • Identify what type of party favors you will be giving.

Two Weeks Before Baby Shower :

  • Make any final decisions about what you’re going to be serving or make a firm confirmation with your catering company
  • Check to make sure you have enough seating and tableware for the group if not call an event rental company what you need

One Week Before Baby Shower :

  • Verify the guest list.
  • Clean and iron any table cloths or linens you’ll be renting
  • Gather supplies for your baby shower games
  • Buy all your decorations
  • Print out any menus, name tags, thank you notes or other materials you may need

3 – 5 Days Before Baby Shower :

  • Wash any serving trays or bowls
  • Reach out one last time to anyone who hasn’t given you their RSVP
  • Buy any fresh fruits and vegetables and other last ingredients you’ll need
  • Call and verify arrangements with any vendors, bakeries, who will be helping out at the festivities

The Day Before:

  • Do any last-minute shopping and snag any party needs you forgot
  • Prepare the food
  • Set up and decorate the area the party will take place
  • Think of a “hashtag” guests can use to collect photos on social media

It’s Party Time!

  • Designate a space for gift opening. Have someone record gifts and the givers
  • Buy ice for drinks
  • Make sure you have a photographer capture all the fun memories
  • Gather filled-out game or cards to give to the mommy-to-be as mementos

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